Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wisdom cannot be bought?

The Making of a King
The Wilderness Life

The road to the top is a lonely place.

You find only a few who are likeminded on the way to the top.

1 Samuel 21:1 & 10 -15

You become deserted.

David was stripped of all royal privileges

David was surrounded by powerful enemies.

David was seized by fear and suspicion

David was seeking for a hiding place.

It is temporary, Transitory and part of building a character and part of training.

When you become lonely, you depend more on God.

Wilderness life is when you feel lonely, embrace God.

It is a time of Personal loneliness
A time of public humiliation

David was chased out into enemy hands.

Your Trouble ought to tell you who you are.. TD JAKES.

Trouble surround you all the time because the devil is afraid you going to shake yourself loose very soon.

We are defined by our OPPOSITION in life.
Trouble has defined me.
My enemies thought me who I was.

My enemies thought me how to pray.
I must be a force that’s why the enemy is fighting me like this.
Thank God for my enemies.
The greater the battle; the greater the spoil.
The enemy knows who he is fooling with.

My friends try to help me out of trouble BUT my enemies push me into it.
Therefore I learned to call on God in the midst of my enemies.
My cup runneth over because of my enemies.
How can I win this battle?
The only way to win and win this battle is NEVER to get in the ring with satan
Stand still and know that he is God.
There’s no need to fight, the battle is not yours the battle is the Lord’

These were the words of Pastor Mensa Otabil.
I bought this wisdom by turning on the right channel @ the right time....

So then, Wisdom can be bought,,,

Interesting haaa....

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