Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"Eza do keli"

We keep on waiting, Waiting, Waiting for the world to change.
My neighborhood has changed dramatically since November 27 2007 after i saw new street lights been fixed for the first time since Tema was built by the late Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.
I was really stunned to the core of my psycho consciousness.
Who might have thought about this now?
Is it political or just pure coincidence that just about exactly 12 months to general elections, Tema has begun to see dramatic changes.
The garbage truck seems to be coming on time, less power outages and clean streets.
Are the gods to blame?
or are the politicians to thank...

Eih! Kweku Ananse, your old adage always stays the same ooh.
When you said" when the OWL leaves its nest at noon, DANGER is near".
Is "DANGER" really near?
Or are we going to see a windfall of "Kukrudu" money rainfall of the new Ghana or Ghanaian DOLLAR? (i don't know which of the adjectives is correct).

Somehow strange to note is the street lights that were hurriedly installed on the Accra- Tema Motorway before GHANA @ 50 celebrations which has never seen power running through them to light the ever dangerous motorway.
Is it deliberate of another case of corruption and abuse of power?

Ayooo.... In my native language (ewe) eclipse of the sun is called " Za do keli" literally meaning "night has come during the day"
Maybe we might never see another eclipse of the sun again in Tema.

Another travail of a modern city dweller of Accra, is the menace of unnecessary vehicular traffic which seems to have become an acceptable misfortune in recent days.
Maybe i have seen the other side of the world to know that the traffic we experience in Accra is just a case of neglect and stupidity on the parts of our leaders.
The same old roads in Accra for the past 16 years i first moved to the Metro area.
The Tetteh Quarshie interchange has become a white elephant that is slowly retarding the progress of our day.
The new Accra mall situated right at the corner of the choked Spintex Junction makes you wonder whether any feasibility studies were done before the approval of such a building.
Sometimes you wish you could stand on top of a Lighthouse and yell at these stupid vultures that keep feeding on the carcass of the average Ghanaian.
They drive in police escorts and sirens howling at you in the middle of a tropical hot day and you wonder whether we will ever have the chance to hold them to court to pay for their exploitation.
Maybe because i am a descendant of Germans and the Danes, that's why i see things differently.
Yahweh be our helper if we are serious about progress in our precious Gold Coast.