Wednesday, August 15, 2007

compendium! stoically! sullenly: what do these words mean?

In circumstances of prosperity and happiness, we must never forget that it is God who plants a hedge about us, blesses our work and increases our substance. It is good to realize that whatever be the malignity of our foes, there is always the Divine restraint, and we are not tempted beyond what we are able to bear. It is not enough to endure our griefs sullenly or stoically. It should be our aim not only to hold fast to our integrity, but to trust God. There is a clue to the mystery of human life, which comes to the man who differentiates between the Real and the Unreal; the Seen and the Unseen. (F.B. Meyer)

STOICAL: patient and uncomplaining: showing admirable patience and endurance in the face of adversity without complaining or getting upset.

SULLENLY: hostilely silent: showing bad temper or hostility by a refusal to talk, behave sociably, or cooperate cheerfully.

COMPENDIUM: short comprehensive account: a comprehensive but brief account of a subject, especially in book form.

Interesting choice of vocabulary to describe the facts of life by F.B. Meyer.

Maybe, i must learn to be STOIC from henceforth...

If i want to forget my past and to move forward, i must learn to be STOICAL. PERIOD.

Pastiche! or Pulchritude!

Well thought of and well rehearsed is what i wish i could be.

Liberal in my Thoughts! My Philosophical musings on this blog sometimes portray wrong impressions about my feelings about Ghana.

The truth is that, my emotions right now is like a ratatouille:
Eclectic, Mixed, "Messed UP" Congested and sometimes down "dirty".

Forgive me if i sound that way because emotions, feelings and anguish stem from varied experiences in life.

Back to my roots; BANG

I watched Prof. Agyeman Dadu Akosa on TV last night preaching about Ghanaian politics... OK its frightening for me to admit this. BUT, I think I'll vote for this dude if he happens to be on the ballot paper.

H e was so passionate and spoke words of wisdom and actually was able to tabulate what Ghana must do to progress.
Food, Cloth, Shelter, Health & Education. SIMPLE!

Analyze and assess what African govts are doing and you realize we are missing the point.

Why can't these govts do the basics before talking about all these economic gibberish on Radio and TV about Macro economic growth of the country whilst the average Ghanaian is broke in the pockets?

Consider their talk nonsense!

I'm not the man i used to be,
I'm not my shy self,
I'm not my Boastful self
I'm not my hateful self
I am Me
I am Humble
I am concentrated
I am Consecrated
I am Refined
I am Resolute
I am Strong
I am Powerful
I am Rich
I am Beautiful
I am Myself...

I am and you too can be what the Almighty say we can be....

Shut up and move forward...

The ant will not wait for the Bee to come feed it...

Africa Must wake up to feed herself...

Like an old poem i read in High school,
"Awake Mother Africa Awake"

Dr. A.R. Bernard

Evertime you pass a test you Increase the value of the Kingdom of God

"Remember we live LIFE on LEVELS and Arrive in Stages" by Dr. A.R. Bernard.

I did visit his church in Flatlands Brooklyn in 2001.

Great Man of God i must confess.

Wisdom cannot be bought?

The Making of a King
The Wilderness Life

The road to the top is a lonely place.

You find only a few who are likeminded on the way to the top.

1 Samuel 21:1 & 10 -15

You become deserted.

David was stripped of all royal privileges

David was surrounded by powerful enemies.

David was seized by fear and suspicion

David was seeking for a hiding place.

It is temporary, Transitory and part of building a character and part of training.

When you become lonely, you depend more on God.

Wilderness life is when you feel lonely, embrace God.

It is a time of Personal loneliness
A time of public humiliation

David was chased out into enemy hands.

Your Trouble ought to tell you who you are.. TD JAKES.

Trouble surround you all the time because the devil is afraid you going to shake yourself loose very soon.

We are defined by our OPPOSITION in life.
Trouble has defined me.
My enemies thought me who I was.

My enemies thought me how to pray.
I must be a force that’s why the enemy is fighting me like this.
Thank God for my enemies.
The greater the battle; the greater the spoil.
The enemy knows who he is fooling with.

My friends try to help me out of trouble BUT my enemies push me into it.
Therefore I learned to call on God in the midst of my enemies.
My cup runneth over because of my enemies.
How can I win this battle?
The only way to win and win this battle is NEVER to get in the ring with satan
Stand still and know that he is God.
There’s no need to fight, the battle is not yours the battle is the Lord’

These were the words of Pastor Mensa Otabil.
I bought this wisdom by turning on the right channel @ the right time....

So then, Wisdom can be bought,,,

Interesting haaa....