Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pastiche! or Pulchritude!

Well thought of and well rehearsed is what i wish i could be.

Liberal in my Thoughts! My Philosophical musings on this blog sometimes portray wrong impressions about my feelings about Ghana.

The truth is that, my emotions right now is like a ratatouille:
Eclectic, Mixed, "Messed UP" Congested and sometimes down "dirty".

Forgive me if i sound that way because emotions, feelings and anguish stem from varied experiences in life.

Back to my roots; BANG

I watched Prof. Agyeman Dadu Akosa on TV last night preaching about Ghanaian politics... OK its frightening for me to admit this. BUT, I think I'll vote for this dude if he happens to be on the ballot paper.

H e was so passionate and spoke words of wisdom and actually was able to tabulate what Ghana must do to progress.
Food, Cloth, Shelter, Health & Education. SIMPLE!

Analyze and assess what African govts are doing and you realize we are missing the point.

Why can't these govts do the basics before talking about all these economic gibberish on Radio and TV about Macro economic growth of the country whilst the average Ghanaian is broke in the pockets?

Consider their talk nonsense!

I'm not the man i used to be,
I'm not my shy self,
I'm not my Boastful self
I'm not my hateful self
I am Me
I am Humble
I am concentrated
I am Consecrated
I am Refined
I am Resolute
I am Strong
I am Powerful
I am Rich
I am Beautiful
I am Myself...

I am and you too can be what the Almighty say we can be....

Shut up and move forward...

The ant will not wait for the Bee to come feed it...

Africa Must wake up to feed herself...

Like an old poem i read in High school,
"Awake Mother Africa Awake"

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