Friday, July 27, 2007


I heard this great quote tonight while watching a Mexican Soap Opera "RUBI" written by Yolanda Vargas Dulche.

Life Oh Life!!!

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Come nearer to my bosom my Near and Dear Coy Mistress
For thy distance is a bridge between Romeo and Juliet

You are like a mirage to me when your blurred vision is all i see.

How can a true Love be so far away when the desires of the heart is moi?

Yea! I can see clearly now that thy beauty is what blinds me from seeing your well enough.

Oh how majestic is thy smile upon my Soul.

I'm I allowed to say your mine and only mine?

Could your beauty be reserved for only me?

Tell me! my beautiful Coy Damsel.

Art thou the love God promised me or just the hallucination of my tired mind?

Awake William Awake.

Thy day of Holy Matrimony knocks on your Platinum plated shutters.

My pretty Coy Damsel cannot continue to be called a Mistress.

Her beauty and Love for me must now be acknowledged by all...

I'm i Lucky or Blessed.

I think I'm highly favored by Yahweh.

Shout and say it loud for there's a knock on the door for my awakening.

Arise and Soar William for the Lord God has given you Favor and Grace to Overcome all battles.

The Lord has delivered my foes into my hands.
I crush them and i extol the name of the Most High.

Free I am free I'm Free.

Oh What the Hell.....

Probably being honest to the consulars at the US Embassy in Ghana is useless and wasteful because i have told GOD GIVEN TRUTH over and over again BUT they never seem to genuinely accept THE TRUTH.

It's not a secret anymore that going for a US visa in Ghana seem to be like sentenced to life imprisonment or death before a US magistrate court. Then you have to defend yourself to a prejudiced jury or judge to redeem your soul from their hands.

Oh yes i said Prejudiced!!!

I've had enough of their ignorance.

Look here!
When i hear this horror stories from friends after going for US VISA Interview and also to see frail old women and men being emotionally tortured and frustrated by silly and and unwarranted quetions by these young consulars breaks my heart.

To me, i make myself clear as possible to them. To let them know i am a child of Yahweh.

I am strong!
I'm resolute!
I am who Yahweh says I am!!!

Let me say of the truth that when a man goes through life with ease abuse of opportunity is inevitable.

When one's purpose is determined by the Most High Yahweh the Challenges and the Tribulations must be your "SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS"

Monday, July 23, 2007

What The Heck?

Call me crazy but i still wanna talk about this issue of blackouts in Ghana.
It's wierd to say i'm very nervous about my lights not going off last night even though it was my night to sleep in the unusual darkness.

Maybe some miracle rain must have filled the Akosombo dam.

I am not being cynical. BUT being realistic of the fact that the recent media reports indicate that the Dam could be shut down in less than a week.

The so called Tema Generating Plants imported to augment the shortage of electricity seems not to be working.

I personally had the privilege to visit the thermal plant farm in Tema about 3 weeks ago and i saw how slow work is progressing.

Lord have mercy!

I see Him coming in the sky!
In The Sky ASHLEY CLEVELAND, RUSS LEE and 7:01 AM GMT on Spirit 89.7fm

This song probably will give meaning to all who believe in the return of Yahshua to deliver us from this frivolous world of ours.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Police rescue chained 'runaway' bride in Ghana.

Oh how sudden can the innocent be plucked from their innocence into victimization..
How cruel and demonic can the Black African culture get?
Should we wait on the world to change?
I beg to howl a big NO NO NO NO!
We cannot wait for the world to change.
We must fight for the change of these cruel culturally demonic practices to cease.

When innocence and struggle for survival will be insuficient for freedom, how safe are we then?
I thought Poverty and Innocence will make you free in your own world as they say.
BUT now it is clear that the struggle to survive as a Kayayo by the Innocent lady is irrelevant to her abductors.
May heaven forgive us all.
As for this issue, i think Chief Justice GEORGINA WOODS MUST do something about this.
In a broad daylight abductions and murders in Ghana, what next shall we see or hear, to know that DANGER is near.

In the words of the late OLA ROTIMI, " When the owl leaves its nest at noon, danger is near"
When these cruelties happen in such a civilized age, DANGER IS NEAR.

Who shall fight for the innocent and the poor?
Who shall we answer to for the wrongs of the society?
Whose report shall we believe?
The report of the RICH AND POWERFUL or the report of the INNOCENT AND VULNERABLE?

Speak your mind and make it clear for when the innocent is destroyed what can the Nation boast off?
Hold not your anger from the torturers and let them not see the innocent again as their prey for we all must say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
I cannot wait on the world to change but I must be part of the Change.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Money, Pastors’ Wives and Church Members causes for Church Break-ups.

Money, Pastors’ Wives and Church Members causes for Church Break-ups.

Many church successions and breakups occur as a result of greed for money, pressure from pastors’ wives and pressure from church members.

Rev. John B. Ghatey Head of department of Theology and Missions at the Central University College declared this unreserved declaration on Saturday July 14th 2007 at the launch of a new book “Succession within the charismatic churches, the causes and the possible solutions” written by Rev. Thom Adesina in Accra.

Rev. Ghatey was very charismatic about his disappointment about indiscipline and greed which has overtaken many pastors in the country.
He reiterated that, there could be amicable and genuine separation of pastors in a ministry who have different gifts and calling but disagrees with pure bitterness and greed splitting up great churches.

“It is a big shame when we label God’s voice as the reason for the breakup”. Rev. Ghartey said.

In response to this assertion, Rev. Ghartey said it is identity crisis that is causing most pastors to break away from their mother churches and not the “VOICE OF GOD”.

The book launch which was well attended by distinguished Pastors and business executives was to draw the attention of the charismatic community in Ghana concerning the increasing rate of church breakups which is detrimental to the body of Christ.

The author of the book Rev. Thom Adesina who said it took him three years of intensive qualitative research to come up with concrete data to authenticate his theories.

Speaking to the media, Rev. Adesina said there is no definite solution to the problem of church conflicts; however, there can be ways to minimize the epidemic.

He labels the problem as a cankerworm that must be dealt with wisdom and prayer.
Rev Adesina said, “Calling needs to be timed”.

The book will be on the Ghanaian market from July 16, 2007.