Monday, July 23, 2007

What The Heck?

Call me crazy but i still wanna talk about this issue of blackouts in Ghana.
It's wierd to say i'm very nervous about my lights not going off last night even though it was my night to sleep in the unusual darkness.

Maybe some miracle rain must have filled the Akosombo dam.

I am not being cynical. BUT being realistic of the fact that the recent media reports indicate that the Dam could be shut down in less than a week.

The so called Tema Generating Plants imported to augment the shortage of electricity seems not to be working.

I personally had the privilege to visit the thermal plant farm in Tema about 3 weeks ago and i saw how slow work is progressing.

Lord have mercy!

I see Him coming in the sky!
In The Sky ASHLEY CLEVELAND, RUSS LEE and 7:01 AM GMT on Spirit 89.7fm

This song probably will give meaning to all who believe in the return of Yahshua to deliver us from this frivolous world of ours.

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