Friday, July 27, 2007

Oh What the Hell.....

Probably being honest to the consulars at the US Embassy in Ghana is useless and wasteful because i have told GOD GIVEN TRUTH over and over again BUT they never seem to genuinely accept THE TRUTH.

It's not a secret anymore that going for a US visa in Ghana seem to be like sentenced to life imprisonment or death before a US magistrate court. Then you have to defend yourself to a prejudiced jury or judge to redeem your soul from their hands.

Oh yes i said Prejudiced!!!

I've had enough of their ignorance.

Look here!
When i hear this horror stories from friends after going for US VISA Interview and also to see frail old women and men being emotionally tortured and frustrated by silly and and unwarranted quetions by these young consulars breaks my heart.

To me, i make myself clear as possible to them. To let them know i am a child of Yahweh.

I am strong!
I'm resolute!
I am who Yahweh says I am!!!

Let me say of the truth that when a man goes through life with ease abuse of opportunity is inevitable.

When one's purpose is determined by the Most High Yahweh the Challenges and the Tribulations must be your "SCHOOL OF HARD KNOCKS"

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