Friday, July 27, 2007

Life Oh Life!!!

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Come nearer to my bosom my Near and Dear Coy Mistress
For thy distance is a bridge between Romeo and Juliet

You are like a mirage to me when your blurred vision is all i see.

How can a true Love be so far away when the desires of the heart is moi?

Yea! I can see clearly now that thy beauty is what blinds me from seeing your well enough.

Oh how majestic is thy smile upon my Soul.

I'm I allowed to say your mine and only mine?

Could your beauty be reserved for only me?

Tell me! my beautiful Coy Damsel.

Art thou the love God promised me or just the hallucination of my tired mind?

Awake William Awake.

Thy day of Holy Matrimony knocks on your Platinum plated shutters.

My pretty Coy Damsel cannot continue to be called a Mistress.

Her beauty and Love for me must now be acknowledged by all...

I'm i Lucky or Blessed.

I think I'm highly favored by Yahweh.

Shout and say it loud for there's a knock on the door for my awakening.

Arise and Soar William for the Lord God has given you Favor and Grace to Overcome all battles.

The Lord has delivered my foes into my hands.
I crush them and i extol the name of the Most High.

Free I am free I'm Free.

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