Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Police rescue chained 'runaway' bride in Ghana.

Oh how sudden can the innocent be plucked from their innocence into victimization..
How cruel and demonic can the Black African culture get?
Should we wait on the world to change?
I beg to howl a big NO NO NO NO!
We cannot wait for the world to change.
We must fight for the change of these cruel culturally demonic practices to cease.

When innocence and struggle for survival will be insuficient for freedom, how safe are we then?
I thought Poverty and Innocence will make you free in your own world as they say.
BUT now it is clear that the struggle to survive as a Kayayo by the Innocent lady is irrelevant to her abductors.
May heaven forgive us all.
As for this issue, i think Chief Justice GEORGINA WOODS MUST do something about this.
In a broad daylight abductions and murders in Ghana, what next shall we see or hear, to know that DANGER is near.

In the words of the late OLA ROTIMI, " When the owl leaves its nest at noon, danger is near"
When these cruelties happen in such a civilized age, DANGER IS NEAR.

Who shall fight for the innocent and the poor?
Who shall we answer to for the wrongs of the society?
Whose report shall we believe?
The report of the RICH AND POWERFUL or the report of the INNOCENT AND VULNERABLE?

Speak your mind and make it clear for when the innocent is destroyed what can the Nation boast off?
Hold not your anger from the torturers and let them not see the innocent again as their prey for we all must say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.
I cannot wait on the world to change but I must be part of the Change.