Friday, May 16, 2008

Ipse dixit

It is somewhat refreshing to say the least when I’m comfortable and feeling a little bit grand about the year 2008 so far...
Hold on..
I have to apologize for my unnecessary long absence from this blog.
It wasn't deliberate. Yet considerate of me to pause for a while because of many comments and calls i got in reference to my postings.
I didn't know i was that important after all.
Hell yeah.
Ghana is fantastic right now.
From CAN 2008 through the UNCTAD conference, Miss Universe Ghana, Ghana Music Awards Festival, Marcel Desailly Soiree, Laureus Sports event and many many others.
Anytime i think about the nagging days about Ghana i feel pathetic...
Anyway, I thank you all for your criticism and commendation especially Kerry.
Fantastic I should say is what I say to the physical transformation of Accra.
I have great pals that keep me grooving all week long.
Oh what a time is it to be in Ghana.
My previous questions and torrents I unleashed on Ghana were or are totally ridiculous.
Forgive my wavering mind.
Sometimes you have to see the worst in a situation before you can appreciate the beauty that is hidden in the mess.
Thant's what my Country Ghana seem to be.

You got to make it happen for yourself.

Cheer up my exiled buddies, is about time you come home now.