Sunday, June 17, 2007

My Open Prayer

What in the world am I gonna do now after my exams?

I need to go to Europe or to the States I'm still uncertain because my financial status is temporally a mess.

But I must go...

I need some refreshing of the soul and body.

God help me to get some Pharaohs and Butlers to my aid.

My fervent prayer is Jehovah Jireh, Provide for me now because my hope is in the name of the Lord and i am RIGHTEOUS through Yahshua and therefore i ask for your divine help in making an way for me in this hard time.

Lord Lord i know and believe that you will honor your word and prophecy for my life.

Thank you in advance for the answered prayers.
In Yahshua's name i pray.. AMEN!

O for once I'm bold to post my prayers online..
Yahweh, as i openly confess you at this hour past midnight, i call upon the host of angels to bear my prayers before your throne and bring me immediate answers.

For you are great. You do Miracles so Great and there's no one else like you.
Thank Father Lord for the answers you have already given me.
The world out there is witness to my prayer therefore let not the enemy take your Glory.