Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Just What I feel like writing.......

O for a thousand songs to sing to my soul...
For i have wailed and mourned for the arrival of my heart's desire.

May i say now, of a truth that it is this day that makes my soul weary and wrenched?..

For only Yahweh knows why i have to be this resolute in spite of many calamities.


I hate to admit it that when D told me they have been reading my blog, i felt a little bit quizzical and nervous @ the same time.


Because she just GOOGLED my name and the blog popped up....

This damn internet will expose you anywhere and anytime my friends.

Anyway, to come to my usual eclectic gibberish of my temporal insanity in Ghana,

I think Nigerians are the best writers in Africa. PERIOD.

What can the insolent and gullible mind of the so called western described African accomplish in a lifetime?

That was the question asked...

My answer to this stupid question is this:

Whether we are called insolent or nonsensically voracious negroes or not, Yahweh's purpose for Africa shall be fulfilled.

I'm I not tired of this struggle for survival?
Yes I am.

BUT when i chance upon another person's issues, i consider my precious self very very BLESSED.

The word "LUCKY" is not in my dictionary...
Blessed and Highly Favored is what i believe and confess and not being damn Lucky.

What is LUCK?
I seriously need an experiential definition for the word LUCK...

At least I know I am free.
Man suffers through life and dies
Then what's the purpose of us living?

Indifference is the worst disease than death itself.

The Philosophy of Patch Adams is:

If YOU treat a person YOU always win.
BUT when YOU treat a disease YOU always win or loose.

You can keep me from being me.

BUT You can’t control my spirit.

I’m a thorn that will not go away.

Excessive happiness wins over hatred.

I’ve pain to release

I’ve got faith to believe.

Comfort the weary soul...
Smile Upon the heavy Heart
For Faith in You is what holds my fragmented soul
Faith in You is what COOLS My burning heart.

Oh Lord
I am frail yet Resolute,
I am Resolute Yet Compassionate
I am Compassionate yet Headstrong
Headstrong yet Willing to hear from you my Father.

Upon the Hills of Mercy i wail and howl to hear your words to comfort me.

I am Me,
Progressive and also in transition.

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