Friday, August 3, 2007

"When Your Father Dies"

"When your father dies, he takes with him some part of you and leaves behind some part of him in you".

These were the words of Ken Saro- Wiwa Jnr. on Aljazeera TV Program "WITNESS".

I find it very intriguing.

In comparison to what Yahshua said that He has taken away ALL our sins on the CROSS OF CALVARY.

Before Yahshua ascended to Heaven, he said He will not leave us alone but the Father will send the Holy Spirit to be our comforter.

Very Very profound to think about how Omipotent Yahweh is.

He knew our sins way way... before we were born. Thus the Provision of Yahshua to become our "SIN EATER".

Thank God for Christ.

The TRUTH therefore is, God is merciful and will always be an eternally merciful Father unto a sinner like me .

Praise His name forever.

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