Wednesday, May 30, 2007


The sad faces of Darfur women.... Do they deserve this pain?

THE LATE DANNY WHYTE who passed away from Leukemia and support Danny's cause
Come to think about Danny Whyte's death, well the less said the better...

I think the few good ones are truly missed..
What do u care anyway about a handsome guy who died of Leukemia after frantic global search for a bone marrow match?
It is sometimes frivolous to think that hard work pays...

if that assessment was valid, Danny Whyte should still be alive.. PERIOD.
Crazy freaking world i sometimes think it is.

my mom's death last year brought me back to reality as i write this.

I hate to thik of the struggles in life but when the preacher man tells you.... " GOD MEANT IT FOR GOOD" you question whether he or she sincerely meant those words.
i am getting tired of cliche preachings these days.. or should i say the social gospel preachers...
someone wake me up from this dream ooooo
i have been in the dream of affliction for far too long and far to tired,
Help Help Help,,,, where art thou when the weary soul howls for your presence? where art thou when the misery of life seem to engulf the innocent?

Art thou help, a Turtle or a tortoise for you to tarry that long?
I don't think so...
Come NOW beloved help for the battle is too volatile for the faint hearted to continue.
Your worth as HELP will be meaningless if thou tarry too long to save the weary soul.
Come now help come now.

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