Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Are we Safe?

well said and rehearsed speeches makes life sometimes boring for the vivid and conscious person like me..

I love the thought of the missionaries coming to Africa in the name of salvation yet had the nerve to tolerate the slave masters trade.

how sad could this be in the times of today if we see preachers preaching the saving grace of the Messiah and yet condone the trade in human lives?

IT did happen b/4 and that the truth well said in honesty is better than a lie well rehearsed.

this is the reality of other so called religions who profess to love and yet preach hate in the secret meeting places.

Yahshua alone gave you and I life abundantly and we must appreciate it and stop FOOLING around.

My "demon" of internet pornography each day... how i seem to make a meaningful progress and Lust takes me down yet again..

is that the battle of the mind or the heart?

Answer me you "olde frail devil"

thou art ye a slave to thyself and thou thinkest you rule over me...

alas , i set me teeth on the iron bars and gnarl..

I am the bright morning star of my own life..

You have no rule over me soul

you miserable old frail devil.

i am who Yahweh says i am..



Leave me alone you defeated foe..

My repetitive failure has made me consider the immediate option of getting married to quench this evil lust or really have to relocate to a distant no man's land away from the evils of modern society.

i am yet to consider the fact that Yahshua has given me the power over every principalities and powers and i can overcome this addiction to porn.

how soon can anyone help this "tortured" soul?

how soon can i see the shinning grace of Yahweh @ my doorstep?

how relevant will my salvation be if i cannot yet say i am wholly for christ?

i answer myself by saying it is not by works or by might but by the SPIRIT OF YAHWEH @ work in me.

i can make a meaningfull difference in my life and glorify Yahweh.

i am i @ liberty to say that, sometimes i wish i was born caucasian???

well, in my gut feelings, i sincerely wished so. that i could be free from human discrimination.

i deserve to be free from all prejudices and live my life on any continent i so desire to be,

But yet the system of the world thinks they can stop Yahweh's prophecy for our lives...

Hey YOU DUDES,,,,,,,,, Listen and listen well.

The will of Yahweh shall stand.

The people of Israel shall see the light and accept Yahashua as the TRUE & ONLY MESSIAH,

The broken hearted shall be comforted and them that wish us evil shall be ashamed.

Scream, Yell and Jubilate for this is the hour of Visitation.

i have seen the truth, That being myself is what is most profitable but wishing and hoping for acceptance is an illussion and i better wake up and SMELL the Starbucks KWOOFII(coffee).

I will ,and almost will get there.............

Watch out......

Yahshuah has empowered me to break every barrier of limitation.

I am free

I am free


For the freedom of my parents are not mine! but

MY FREEDOM IS MY FREEDOM amd i celebrate my freedom.

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