Thursday, May 31, 2007

Al Gore Seem to say, YOU ARE ALL WARNED!!!!! When i watched an encore presentation of Al Gore's Documentary "An Inconvenient Truth" I was shocked @ the "filla" (info) he released to the average gringo like me..

I knew there is Global warming but i was way off base or better say i was way too ignorant of the facts and figures and the effects this global warming is having and will have on our universe.

Lake Chad totaaly dried up, MT. Kilimanjaro has no SNOW PEAKS any longer, Greenland is melting and there are sever weather pattern changes all over the continents and we are so ignorant or maybe VERY RELUCTANT to do something about it.

I bet you that Al Gore got a rude awakening after loosing the White House so narrowly...

Proper displacement of frustration is what i deem Al Gore remarkable turn around after such a public humiliation.

He vexed his energy to do the right thing and take up this important task of "GREENHOOD"


Are we all gonna perish under this fragile universe very soon?

I dare to say, NAY!

Yahweh promised He will not destroy the earth with water again thus the convenant of the RAINBOW.

Good Lord, How soon will this be that Africa will become a richer and prosperous continent before we destroy this world?

Please let theGood of Africa be manifested before the Messiah comes ooooh.

I was thinking of how to travel and all of a sudden, i was hit with this Al Gore Documentary.

Are my priorities right?

Oh Heaven yes they are right.

I must continue to live my Precious life and let not the fear of the future kill my present day.

What could we talk about next?

I need to say Some few good men (politicians) in Ghana are making sense these days. Like Ato Ahwoi...

This dude made excellent analysis on the energy crisis in Ghana.

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