Friday, October 15, 2010


Call me crazy or disillusioned, but what baffles my imagination about the Attah-Mills government in Ghana is the constant Public Relations gaffes.
First of all why inaugurate a new presidential Jet with pomp and pageantry only for the President to travel on his next trip to Ivory Coast on a different aircraft. When questioned, the so called Information and Communications experts in Attah-Mills government answered in such distasteful way by saying the NEW Presidential Jet will now undergo official test and trial for 2 months before it can be classified as SAFE FOR TRAVEL for the President. Very IDIOTIC!
If you know so well, why wouldn't you wait to finish testing the aircraft before inaugurating it? Such a disaster!

Secondly, The Government issues order banning all ministers and government officials from traveling outside Ghana until the new budget is done. Furthermore, all ministers and Government officials currently on Vacation outside Ghana to return immediately.

How irresponsible and amateurish can this government’s PR machine get?
You don't issue such orders to your ministers of State and other government functionaries through the Mass Media as if they are fugitives!
I suppose the Office of the President knows the telephone numbers and email addresses of his own appointees. If so, why didn't they use such media to communicate to these ministers than to resort to such cheap propaganda machinery led by Koku Anyidoho?

The eventual downfall of the Attah-Mills adminstration will largely be blamed on the BAD Public Relations they spew out of the Office of the President.

Someone better advise them before they bury themselves deeper and deeper is such a shameful manner.

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