Friday, June 15, 2007

Lordy Lord! Help the Weary Soul

Oh how liberating life could be when you finish your academic exams...
Now, I'm done with the academic year and feels so liberating not to study tonight.

I am free! I am Free!!

Come to think of liberty and freedom, who the heavens do these Ghanaian politicians think they are?

They claim to care about the people and yet neglect the cry of the masses over their inefficient running of the country.

These politicians are very arrogant and naive to say the least.

On other issue, the Ghanaian society and the communities are laden with contradictions and contrast that is overwhelming to diagnose.

You have the Trassaco, Manet, Regimmanuels as the prestigious communities and yet on the way to these residential enclaves, the roads are TERRIBLY AWFUL and they expect the government to repair these roads for them to drive their Jaguars, Chryslers, Hummers, Range Rovers, Cadillacs, Lexus' on.

How insulting this is to the poor Ghanaian selling Rice and beans on the Spintex Road or the local Hausa Kooko seller or the roasted plantain seller dotted along the routes to these enclaves.

I question the Ghanaian assumptions of Development through Democracy.

Maybe i may be all that wrong about African politicians and their so called patriotism.

They can't even fight their own fight..

We have Bob Geldof , Bono and Jeffrey Sachs Pleading for African debt cancellation.


I'm exhausted somehow but need to continue this battle of the mind soul and spirit to overcome the lustful desires of this mortal body.


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