Wednesday, June 6, 2007

How Sad I'm I getting?

I just began my end of sophomore year exams and i seem to contemplate whether i will have to continue @ the same college next year....

it sounds cheesy but i'm really not happy about the academic performance of the lecturers and the students..
Teaching and learning facilities and conducive atmosphere are "zilch".

I got a C instead of an A in Political Science last semester because the damn Lecturer "J.J. Rousseu" forgot to record my Mid Semester marks...

When i confronted him, he told me it is too late to rectify since he no longer lecturers at my college..
What an insult to my hard work.

I'm I beginning to hate this Country?.....

Out of 72 hours from Saturday to Monday, we had only 24hrs of electricity..

How disastrous can a country become @ this stage of 21st century development?

Mediocrity is celebrated and Corruption has become the latest fashion trend..

The VISION & MISSION OF KWAME NKRUMAH is about to be destroyed by these inconsiderate loud mouth and bulldog politicians in Ghana today.
I detest their arrogance and bold stupidity & Stupor..
How dirty their souls are towards the progress of Mother Ghana..
Do we have to WAIT and see whether the Situation will change like the "proverbial Ghanaian snail walking?
Or maybe start doing something "RADICAL"
Especially @ the onset of my exams i was deprived of the basic need of electricity.
You Old frail and dirty souled Politicians of Ghana, You better wake up from your arrogant, pompous and Stupid sleep because the "FLOOD" of Anger and Pain of the people is about to DROWN YOUR DIRTY SOULS.

Maybe I'm too critical of Ghana...

i better say no more yet..

I'll come back to this topic...

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