Friday, January 8, 2010


Janet Napolitano Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security outlined the following five recommendations:

•Re-evaluate and modify the criteria and process used to create terrorist watch lists—including adjusting the process by which names are added to the “No-Fly” and “Selectee” lists.

•Establish a partnership on aviation security between DHS and the Department of Energy and its National Laboratories in order to develop new and more effective technologies to deter and disrupt known threats and proactively anticipate and protect against new ways by which terrorists could seek to board an aircraft.

•Accelerate deployment of advanced imaging technology to provide greater explosives detection capabilities—and encourage foreign aviation security authorities to do the same—in order to identify materials such as those used in the attempted Dec. 25 attack. The Transportation Security Administration currently has 40 machines deployed throughout the United States, and plans to deploy at least 300 additional units in 2010.

•Strengthen the presence and capacity of aviation law enforcement—by deploying law enforcement officers from across DHS to serve as Federal Air Marshals to increase security aboard U.S.-bound flights.

•Work with international partners to strengthen international security measures and standards for aviation security.

These are my suggestions in response to the above recommendations:
The US government must quickly assess the need and resourcefully provide full body scan machines to ALL countries who have direct flights to the USA.
That I can guarantee will make the US government and the citizens less vulnerable.

The issue of terrorism must be dealt with effectively from the source and not the final destination.
If thorough security and counter terrorism measures are implemented around the world especially at the so called countries of interest, those wacky minded lunatics will be denied the luxury of recruiting people from unsuspecting countries.

My second and most important suggestion to or for the US government is to remember that the ONLY proof against terror is total reliance on GOD as done by the founding Fathers of America by trusting in the ALMIGHTY GOD.

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