Monday, February 11, 2008

GHANA 2008

What a classic feeling of dejavu a day after the official close of CAN 2008.
I felt as if it was the morning after we lost to Brazil @ the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

The assessment of the tournament now begins.
I met a whole bunch of people especially the foreign press corps and i must say their work ethics challenged my thought process.
How diligent and affable they are towards their work... They make the Ghanaian journalists looked like AMATEURS.

Clem Leech & Greg Lalas are fantastic.

I think it was the Marcel Desailly event that brought much fun during the tourney.
It was an OK event but great people showed up.

Diner with Stephanie Benson and Rodney last week @ Fiesta Royal was fantastic.

On Thursday, the fun came to a screeching halt when Cameroon defeated Ghana in the Semi- Finals to the shock of all Ghanaians.

The next day driving around the city, i noticed the absence of the usual street vendors peddling Ghana flags and other related souvenirs.

I thought Ghanaians took the defeat too hard and it became evident that the whole country became very boring.
Interest in the 3rd position game was lost.

But to say the least i think the Ghanaian team did well compared to Egypt 2006 where they were kicked out very early.

I decided not to go to the stadium for the final match between Egypt and Cameroon and i stayed home and watched local TV coverage with BBC World service Live Commentary.

The commentators were fantastic i must say.
Brilliant job they did and i congratulate the BBC team.

When all hope is gone, all you have to do is turn on a sad song..........
But in our case, we must sing a song of joy.

I must also begin to search for reviews about the LOC's job.

Now that all seems to calm down, I'm back to the intrepid life of a Ghanaian journalist. Traversing the length and breath of the country seeking dirt and juicy stories to quench my thirst.
Or what i need to quench my thirst is a Honey Pie.

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