Thursday, November 1, 2007

Ghanaian MPs "ABUSE" Freedom & Justice

Freedom And Justice, originally uploaded by mensah joshua.

Freedom & Justice is what we Ghanaians claim to stand for...

However politically correct the slogan is, I think we as a nation, people, and culture are hypocrites in fulfiling its principles.

I watched the evening news on wednesday October 31st 2007 on TV3 (very unusual for me to watch local news) where the National Parliament was debating the "misuse" of our national ANTHEMS & COAT OF ARMS.

Accordidng to this "sordid" Member of Parliament whose name was not inscribed on the footage, there should be a new law banning the use of the COAT OF ARMS on private property and also a ban on the use of the National Anthem as ringtones on cell phones.

My assumption is, (if not WAS) that parliament is there to enact laws that will be of national interest . And not for "FRIVOLOUS, PITIFUL USELESS TIME WASTING TALK SESSIONS as most of the parliament sessions are becoming lately.

We have bad road networks in the city coupled with crippling unneccessary vehicular traffic jams, filth everywhere, worse and numerous deficiencies in our nation yet these "TAX SPENDERS" have they uncultured nerves to be wasting time and money debating trivial issues like cell phone ring tones and somebody deciding to show some sense of Patriotism by embassing the Coat of Arms on their private properties.

Ohhh how ridiculous we have become and how sullen our characters have become.


Remember Accra is Still a very DARK NATIONAL CAPITAL in the night due to inadequate street lights. Talk about things like this and not such silly ones you take pleasure in.

Remember when you waste too much time to resolve the conflict in a neighbor's house, be assured a spill over into your own backyard soon.
Therefore you guys should tackle the most important issues in our society before it matures into a "contagious cancer" to infect all of us.

Curtailing the use of the Ghana National Anthem and The Coat of Arms even VIOLATES the PRIINCIPLE OF " FREEDOM".

Suck it up MPs and wake to the sweet smell of Amelia Memuna's " HAUSA KOOKO & KOOSAY" that will energize your frozen minds to do due deligence to the office put upon your shoulders.

We don't want you guys to waste our taxes on stupid arguments and topics like cell phone ringtones and a richman's coat of arms metal gate.


For me writing makes me liberated therefore i am at peace with my soul.

Go find your Peace also and leave me and my Messiah alone.........

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